Founded in 2016 under the leadership of the County of Orange Social Services Agency, the WE CAN Coalition provides resources for thousands of families, training for hundreds of child welfare, medical, and law enforcement professionals, and organizational support for agencies that work with vulnerable populations.

The WE CAN Coalition was founded on the premise that by working together on key collaborative projects, the myriad of public and private agencies that serve vulnerable families can increase their efficacy and efficiency, leading to better services for our community at a lower cost.

Initially launched in nine distinct task forces to address the needs of children, families and communities across the spectrum of prevention, diagnosis and treatment, the Coalition has since evolved to repeatedly identify, tackle, and resolve the most pressing issues facing our County. As a result, many task forces have moved through two of three project and improvements cycles in different areas of the child welfare continuum, and some have changed their focus and name to better match these projects and meet current County needs.