Family Treatment

Focus Area and Project:


Dianna Daly – First 5 Orange County
Maureen Mutch – OC Social Services Agency

Linda Smith – Family Support Network

Deirdre Burnett – Orange County Mentors for Youth

Maria Enriquez – Family Support Network

Laura Jose – County of Orange, Public Defender

Shay Sorrell – Boys Town

Joyce Capelle – Crittendon

Sid Gardner – Children and Families Future

Susan Shannon – New Alternatives

Nellie Hernandez – County of Orange, Social Services Agency

Partnered with Rady Chadwick, the Family Support Network, New Alternatives and the Social Services Agency to pilot a Trauma Informed Birth Parent Training for system involved families.

Partnered with UCI to perform a study of system-involved families with substance use issues regarding current practice, resources, and barriers to reunification.

Performed comprehensive analysis of family strengths and challenges within the child welfare system. These results were striking, with 60% of families struggling with substance use or mental illness as the primary barrier to a safe home.  

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